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Confessions of an Almost-Abuser
Please, never ever remove your voice from blogging again, because it is an important, powerful, beautiful voice, and you are doing much needed work. Can I recommend that you send this post to any or all of the members of this Twitter list I made of mental wellness organizations? That is what I did with my post on how a panic attack feels, and one of them asked to publish it. Your series of posts needs to be reaching as wide an audience as possible, because there is so much hope of healing for others in them. Even if I don’t always have time to comment, I am reading each, and feel that we have bonded in a way that nothing else could have allowed us to do. Thank you for referencing my blog. You are doing holy work with these posts, habibti.

Oh, my dear, please don’t ever do that again! I’ve been wondering where your internet voice had gone! If anybody in the world understands feeling overwhelmed, I assure you that it’s me. Just don’t disappear on us; we’re listening with unconditional love.


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