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Trigger warning: sexual abuse, domestic violence, rape Recently, when I watched the now infamous video of Trump bragging about grabbing pussies, I was reminded of one man in particular: my stepfather, Tom.     Tom used to crawl into my twin-sized bed and lay next to me while wearing his white briefs.  Tom used to speak of wishing I were ten years older so he could marry me. Tom told me once, with much vengeance in his voice, that he wanted to break me in a way he’d never been able

White sheets march off the laundry line at sunset Your mother across the alley of our yards twists shut her blinds. Her thin fingers do not shake like my mother’s as she folds me into the bathtub says to turn the water on in case of fire And whatever you hear, stay put hold your breath don’t let the pointed shadows find you. Your mother at the kitchen table platter emptied of cookies she fed us after school. We played Barbies, Slap Jack, Hide-and-Seek until you gave up wanted to

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