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Intentional coach, writer and speaker Alexis Donkin has been a profound resource in my personal healing. Our relationship began over a year ago when we connected over writing and shared interests. I read her memoir, Thrive, and found myself in her story. I was inspired by her practical approach to transforming odds into evens, so to speak. She has a rounding off outlook on life that is effected through the realization and reframing of negatives into positive growth points. I had the pleasure of a face-to-face chat with her via

I have struggled in mightily in my marriage. Part of this is due to surviving violence and sexual assault. Part is finding my partner in high school and the two of us growing up together. My husband and I have worked very hard to create a thriving marriage. I have been invited to create a guest post on this topic, so more on that soon. What I want to mention right now is this: Bret and Christine Eartheart are a super couple that has helped us smash patterns of codependency

I went to graduate school at Indiana University with writer and artist Jackson Brown. I remember reading his stories and wondering what the hell I was doing in an MFA program. His work was and is phenomenal. In fact, many of the writers I had the pleasure of writing with have since won awards or settled themselves into promising writing careers. I buy their books, read their blogs and wonder why I’ve stopped writing fiction. The answer to that is a story for another day. I lost track of Jackson’s

No affiliate links included. I have a long and sordid history with hair products. They don’t work. My hair is big and thick and sometimes coarse. Sometimes it has extreme curl. Sometimes it has patches of wave. Sometimes it obeys me. Most of the time it does not. So I have bounced from product to product, never maintaining loyalty, unless you count the six months I went shampoo free because why not? Nothing else was working to make my hair manageable. (For the record, that didn’t work either.) I connected

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