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We don’t look like we need help. I’ve spent the last hour bouncing from site to site filling out pre-screening applications for financial support. It’s the same story we face everywhere we go and with everyone we call: with our income, we “shouldn’t” need help. We “shouldn’t” have debt we can’t stay on top of. We “should” be able to afford the enormous medical and community support we need to provide for our child and still take care of ourselves and our other children. Noah doesn’t look like he’s autistic.

I’ve never written about Autism and its presence in our home because my son hasn’t been open to it. Since we’ve started our fundraising campaign to get him a service dog, Noah has opened up. He’s willing to put himself out there to get this animal. Our whole family is, which is more significant than you’d think. Despite what I write about, I am extremely private. There are many aspects of my life (most) I choose not to share in a public manner. This does not affect my honesty. I

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