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“I’ve met many men, but there are two types I meet most often: The Anthropologist and The Savior.  “The first sees me as a sensual beauty. My olive skin and big, brown eyes are exotic. My “beauty” is noted. I should model. And is it true that Lebanese women are wild in bed? The Anthropologist is often sexist. A cultural saveur. An asshole in clothing just waiting to take mine off. He wants to plummet my depths, discover me like I’m a new land, plant his flag pole in me

I don’t often write directly about what “faith” means to me on the page, but after a month of inspiring work by artists at Open Thought Vortex, I decided to dive right in. It’s frightening–talking about religion. Especially when you had one, and now you have none. I hope you’ll take a look at my editor’s letter over there, and then peruse last month’s features to find out what “faith” means to many others. Read my admission on Open Thought Vortex.

I’ve been reading The Good Men Project for awhile. The content there is educational and interesting. Recently, Sarah Fader came on as an editor. She and I had a couple of discussions about how I could contribute. We decided my first piece should be a revisitation of the work I wrote for Straight White Man Seeks Knowledge. It’s always frightening to write about race and violence for me, but I trust Sarah. She’s a way paver for those of us trying to deconstruct the boxes we’ve been placed in through

As a writing coach, the main work I do is pointing writers to the door that is damming their healing progress. From there, I become a cheerleader. My work is all behind the scenes. I’m not telling my story, I’m helping you to tell yours. I have been the doula for many rape stories. It is a trauma common to women and real for men. Often, we work together on multiple iterations of the event. We tell it true, we tell the details we forgot, we tell the connections we made

Just as I have been publishing guests on The Honeyed Quill, I have been guesting on other sites. It feels good to roam the internet. I’ve been showing up in someone else’s house, having them invite all their friends and neighbors–it creates an expanding sense of community (and I get to put my feet up for awhile). Guesting on Living the Dream feels like being taken care of. Antonio Vereen’s site is safe, his community is positive because he is a man of motivation. He genuinely believes that we can

Friday kicked off the beginning of a series of guest posts on The Honeyed Quill. Drew Sheldon shared his story of abuse and survival in an intimate essay titled “The Beast Within.” If you haven’t read it, please go here. It’s not an essay you want to miss. As part of the exchange, I provided an essay for Drew. It took us awhile to come up with a theme. In email, I told Drew I am afraid of white men, but not him. He chewed on that for awhile before

I generally offer up my work with no explanation. We all bring our own stories into what we read, and that shapes our understanding. I want my writing to be for everyone. My latest piece up On the Verge is absolutely for everyone, but especially parents and especially parents of Autism. “I Don’t Want to Adult This Weekend” is a reflection of exhaustion due to perseverative thinking. If you aren’t sure what that is, read this article on Snagglebox for clarification. I’ve chosen not to write about parenting quite frequently,

Did you know that self-harm is not a suicide attempt or even necessarily a cry for help?     I practiced self-harm as a teen as did many other people I know. I was fortunate in that my harming only lasted for a couple of months and I was able to recover with little relapse. This is not the case for many.  Have you struggled with self-harm? Do you know someone who does?  Find out more about self-harm, support and recovery in my piece On the Verge.

“You recall this while soaping your augmented breasts one day in the shower. You turn off the water and oil your body from top to bottom feeling every curve in between. You think of your daughter beyond age 3, when she will grow breasts and hips and feel into her own sexuality with the sensual grace of youth. You think about hiding yourself, about setting the example, about priming her to be a victim, teaching her to hide, to be ashamed that she is female, that she is sexual, that she is human. To think she deserves judgment or owes what any man demands because of her genitals, her shape, her garments.”

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