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I have struggled in mightily in my marriage. Part of this is due to surviving violence and sexual assault. Part is finding my partner in high school and the two of us growing up together. My husband and I have worked very hard to create a thriving marriage. I have been invited to create a guest post on this topic, so more on that soon. What I want to mention right now is this: Bret and Christine Eartheart are a super couple that has helped us smash patterns of codependency

Dear Spire Readers, A friend recently reminded me I am more than a trauma writer. I began writing about my trauma and the path through it with a simple goal: to help one person. Judging by the number of personal responses I have received over the last few months (as well as their content), that goal has been met many times over. I honestly could not be more grateful for these connections. I am in awe of the people who come here to read because you have indelible courage. I

My MFA program offered me the opportunity to work with several amazing writers. I was pointed to text after text and told, “Read. Learn.” I did. The more I read, the more I wrote. I experienced the world through authors who challenged. Their topics were race, place, institution, thought… Every piece struck a chord with me. Some works resonate on a much deeper level. Gil Scott Heron’s “Whitey on the Moon” (actually shared with me by my husband), is one such piece. If you haven’t read it, please click the

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