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These events are currently canceled and will be rescheduled ASAP. All registrants have received a full refund. Stay tuned for an update. Body on the Page a one-day writing retreat for women  Body on the Page is a new writing retreat I’m offering here in Bloomington, IN. It will take place on Saturday, May 28 from 10AM to 6PM. This time around, this is a women/female identified only event designed to center yourself on love of your body just as it is. We will explore the stories our bodies hold

 Is it simpler to give up after repeat failure? Facing failure again and again In the gym, I fail a lift I could do three weeks earlier. There is no obvious reason for my weakness. I talk to my coach, wondering what is happening. Why my abs engage and then let go. My core is stronger than it has been since my first pregnancy, but that strength is inconsistent. I want to make progress. I want to be able to tally my improvements in pounds lifted. Instead I am red-faced,

  This event is currently canceled and will be rescheduled ASAP. All registrants have received a full refund. Stay tuned for an update.   Life is a carousel, and I’ve been spinning up and down. It is a struggle to value myself as my own boss. Putting price tags on the work I do is an arduous process. I consult with everyone I trust. The writing I coach takes a toll on me, but it also frees me from my own feminine history. I love doing it. Body on the

Join me on January 16, 2016 from 9AM to 5PM in Unity of Bloomington’s beautiful chapel to write your sacred self! During this full day writing retreat, you will enjoy meditative practices coupled with writing prompts to enter a space of deep self reflection. Once there, you will consider what wants to be released and record it on the page. You will have the choice to share your work and will create an action plan for continuing (or ending) the stories you’ve engaged. There will be a one hour break

I’m extremely humbled by the hosts of the Four Paws for Noah writing competitions. Charli Mills and Shareen Mansfield each agreed to host her own benefit writing competition to help my son Noah gain the necessary dollars for his Autism service dog. I keep typing and deleting because I truly can’t express how amazing it feels to be the recipient of this type of support. But Charli and Shareen aren’t the only helpers. These competitions have volunteer judges and prize donors. I plan to profile these do-gooders throughout the course of

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