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30 Day #LinkYourLife Challenge

Eight years ago on this day, my second child was born. Since, Gabriel has shown himself to be independent, empathetic, intelligent, compassionate and endlessly, energetically curious. His birth was a whirlwind. He exited too quickly, fracturing my pelvis and failing to be squished enough by contractions to have the water forced from his lungs. The doctor and nurses whisked him away from me. We spent the next three days observing his breathing, me in intense pain and full of post-partum hormones and fear. It eventually turned into depression. That isn’t

We have no screens on between 9:00 AM and 4:30 PM in my house. It’s summer. My kids are home and need the practice being bored to detox from the pressure-filled structure of school and constant social engagement. Seriously! Psychologists agree that boredom is the key to mental wellness and intelligence. And it just so happens that structure is my mortal enemy. Screens are the bane of my existence (at least when they aren’t blank and waiting for my creative input), and the social/time demands of the school year burn

Boundary setting is the greatest skill I’ve learned. I used to live raw with zagging, undefined edges. I was open, and I am still open, but I existed open in a way that left bits of me trailing in every footpath. Because I was warm, I had hangers on that trampled me. I was a bleeding bruise, always hurt because I never closed up my skin for just me to live in. Empathy only works if we mark a bit off for ourselves. In the last 10 years I’ve learned

I spent weeks wondering who you are. The domino days have struck in toppling distance. We are skipping on our own ideas Two players: the self and the shadow, an off-board game of Hot Lava. I never know where to land when I can see us both –in you or near you? Duality of self is curious; I find me on the mosquito side of the wooden screen door. I watch myself drawing identity –that four syllable path to the soul piece–from the basket of the unclothed mind. Shadows and worries danced in the lily-bright fields of the wedge-wheel sun. ~~~ This

#LinkYourLife has just passed it’s one year birthday and our hashtag community is thriving. Thanks to Shareen‘s warm and fuzzy recruitment tactics, Fridays are hopping both on Twitter and Facebook. #LinkYourLife has spun off in many directions beginning with first Fridays of the month when we tag with #LinkYourCompassion. There are the #LinkYourLife #lovequotes many of us have been creating and sharing as a way to appreciate the people we read through #LinkYourLife. We have worked to incorporate others’ tags  (such as the awesome #ShareInspireConquer from @BestowingFire) and promote all

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