New Sessions of Trauma Writing, Blogging and More Begin April 14th!

Dear Ones,

First off, if you have any questions about anything you find below, ask. I will respond in comments. Here goes!

I teach expressive writing as a way to release and recover from trauma. Expressive writing allows us to recognize and let go of pain we carry in our bodies. It is an incredibly powerful tool for survivors. I practice expressive writing with survivors of familial violence, war, abuse, grief and more. If you are stuck, struggling or just looking for access to greater joy, I would love to write with you!

In addition, I teach blogging and generative writing sessions. My classes are customized to your personal experience and needs!

The heart of my classes.
Here is a direct link to my About page. The next session begins April 14th and runs through May 28th. Sign up today. Even more fun–sign up with a friend. We are offering payment plans during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please don’t be afraid to ask for more information.

The truth is, I really do want to write with you. There is nothing I find more fulfilling. So let’s connect and make it happen.

Looking forward,


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