The Gif My Daughter Gave Me

Earlier today I had a great FaceTime call with my middle child. She was creating gifs as we spoke. I suggested she play with the header from this site. She did so as we chatted, walking me through the process of using Procreate. Ultimately, this is what she sent me via text:


I love how she has the porcupine chased by the bees, and then two fly away to dot the i’s of the site and slogan. It’s adorable. I’m going to embed it at the end of posts I write on other sites with a link back here.

I’ll be posting here more often as well. I hope at least once a week. I’m bouncing between Medium and Hive, will be reposting work on Steemit and am considering accepting paid guests posts (paid as in the writer pays to post here) to cover my financial bases.

What a weird time. I feel like my daughter will be fine in whatever post-apocalyptic future we arrive at. I mean, she can cook, she can climb and she can code.


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