Making Mention of Mamas Like Me

This Mother’s Day, I am happy to support mothers like me, parents for whom mental illness can be an ever-present or overwhelming piece of the parenting experience. I wrote an essay about my own experience parenting through bouts of anxiety and PTSD episodes and held onto it for many months before reaching out to Stigma Fighters to see if they might want to publish it for Mother’s Day. I held onto it because stigma makes it difficult to speak up. Stigma Fighters knows this. They recognize the ways we are silenced and prevented from healing by erroneous beliefs and they work to dispel myths and dismantle the barriers culture puts ahead of mental illness. I love their mission and have written for them before.

Mamas and Papas and everyone who takes part in parenting, you can read my essay now and share it with the parents you know who are often silently struggling to be their best and give their kids better than what they had.

I hope you find comfort in this piece if you need it. Wishing you all a happy Mother’s Day, whatever your situation, whatever your story.




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