I felt post alive as a writer in graduate school …

Comment on The Importance of Taking a Break: Using the writer’s drawer by Tricia Barker.

I felt post alive as a writer in graduate school too…magical times. This is an inspired and helpful post.

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Refining Our Stories on the Page as a Path to Recovery: The healing power of writing
Thanks for this wonderful post. #2 is important! I am going back and adding more of the beauty and humor into with my work. I’ve also learned recently that I have physical limits. My body is not a machine, and I can’t keep working and looking at painful parts of my memoir in progress for long periods of time. I had a stress induced illness arrive, and this has taught me that it takes a lot of self-care sometimes to revise these stories. I put extra stress on myself to say something of importance for all survivors, but now I am realizing that telling my story in the most honest and heartfelt way might be the best I can do in few chapters. You give great advice, and this is an inspired post! Gratitude is something we should all practice more often.

Sex, Love and Acceptance: Defining myself as a Scarlet Christian
Beautifully written! It is wonderful to see so many women expressing the truth about who they are in response to this current climate.

EMERGENCY #LinkYourLife PROMPT: Fear, Compassion and Community Action

O.k. I wrote a post in response to this prompt. I am glad you put this call out there. Thank you for the work you do.


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