I am going to go away and process this blog, …

Comment on Glass Men: A feminist navigating the world of fragile male egos by Mat Baker.

I am going to go away and process this blog, because it is obvious it is worth spending some time on.

There is always the temptation, as Ray says above, to scream “not all men”, but when a blog is written like this, it isn’t necessary, because it is about “fragile men”, and I know exactly the kind of man you are talking about. I know quite a few. Their impact on me has been very negative, and that’s without any obvious sexual politics issues!

I think it’s important that a blog like this – one that tries to discuss negative traits about any given demographic – is more than just a complaint, no matter how justiftied the complaint may be, because then it cannot be constructive. And I think when we are discussing these complex issues, anything that allows us to better understand a perspective is incredibly important, because these issues affect all of us.

Thanks. I get it more now. I have more empathy than I had twenty minutes ago, and that is always a good thing.


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