I hope you are doing okay. It’s hard to know …

Comment on Examining the Election Aftermath from a Child of Color’s Perspective by Charli Mills.

I hope you are doing okay. It’s hard to know what to do, how to take action, but we do have a political system. I was advised to correspond with our new representatives. Todd is also backing me up (security) so we can participate in safe harbors for anyone in need near us. Be safe, but also take action. You are not alone.

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Coming back to myself
So many insights, Shawna. It’s too bad we have to be our own test subjects, but the upshot is that I can learn from you. You’ve articulated important ideas I’ve been trying to figure out. I used to believe my healing was linear and how shocked I was when two decades later I began having issues. I felt kidnapped by my past and hormones. So many of the points you make ring true and give me hope of getting out of the brambles. And that is a spot-on analogy — binging on anxiety.

EMERGENCY #LinkYourLife PROMPT: Fear, Compassion and Community Action
It feels like climbing a mountain to express one’s truth; then the trigger of doing so is like a fall. A caring community is our safety line. Thank you for fostering that for difficult stories to share, for truths that shatter us in the speaking.

Courage to Care: https://carrotranch.com/2016/07/22/courage-to-care/

Happy Friday! I Made a Video
Love it! Happy Friday!

My Body, My Host: How I Have Hated You
It all begins so young before we have the capacity to understand why. Writing is recovery. Writing empowers. Thank you for sharing your experience, and for coming to the conclusion you are indeed good enough!


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