Open Thought Vortex: A ‘Boundary-Pushing Online Journal’

Building Open Thought Vortex has been a labor of love with Shareen Mansfield. This year, “Jesus Would Have Let Me Cry On His Shoulder” by Juliana Marcelle Crespo was Freshly Pressed by WordPress, meaning it was picked and publicized as a top read globally across WordPress sites. In what we have learned is quite rare, OTV has been selected as a WordPress site to Discover in the same year–the first year of our publication.

This is no small potatoes news for us. OTV is self-funded by Shareen. Together we work to select the greatest talent to share regardless of experience. In fact, many of our featured writers had never published before or even considered publishing. We found them on Facebook, Twitter or through conversations in coffee shops and coached them to write for us because we believe in our artists and their ability to not only tell, but transform their stories. 

Together with #LinkYourLife, a Friday hashtag on Facebook and Twitter, OTV has established a brilliant, thriving community of artists whose goals are non-competition and mutual support. It is amazing to me that a publication founded on the tenets of compassion and paying it forward has done so well in such a short time, but not shocking that Shareen has captained it. She is the most intelligent, driven and caring woman I know.

I am very, very proud to be the editor for Open Thought Vortex, and even prouder to work with Shareen because it is through her drive to give that she has created and sustained a space for a multitude of experiences to be heard and honored. She has consistently prioritized support of artists (and me) off the page. There is no set and forget with Shareen. Artists and art are equally important, and she is dedicated to learning how to create greater opportunity for art and artist alike.

We plan to continue just as we have, only better and with a few surprises in store. I mean, what’s an Open Thought Vortex without surprises?

If you would like to be a guest, a featured writer or a sponsor for Open Thought Vortex as we continue our compassionate evolution, please use the following links.

Claim your guest spot on Open Thought Vortex. You will work directly with OTV editor Shawna Ayoub Ainslie (that’s me!) and publisher Shareen Mansfield to get your submission just write. We link all social media and support you beyond your publication date. Send completed work or a pitch to our submissions email:

Submit completed work for consideration to be published based on one of our monthly themes. Again, you will work directly with me and Shareen when editing your piece. We link all social media and support you beyond your publication date. Be aware that we are very flexible when it comes to genre and style. If you don’t see it listed, ask. Send work to with the appropriate theme in your subject heading.

Become a Patreon sponsor. You can directly support our artists, our Artist-in-Residence program, and to-be-announced OTV evolution. Find our Patreon page here, along with Patreon sponsor perks.

Advertise with Open Thought Vortex. Please email Shawna and Shareen ( with advertisement placement queries. We currently have several options including linked ad graphics, product reviews and giveaway campaigns. Mention ADVERTISEMENT in your subject heading.

Take a dive. Make a splash. Find clarity.


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