I spent weeks wondering who
you are. The domino days
have struck in toppling distance.
We are skipping on our own ideas
Two players: the self and the shadow,
an off-board game of Hot Lava.

I never know where to land
when I can see us both
–in you or near you?
Duality of self is curious; I find
me on the mosquito side
of the wooden screen door.

I watch myself drawing identity
–that four syllable path to the soul
piece–from the basket of the unclothed
mind. Shadows and worries
danced in the lily-bright
fields of the wedge-wheel sun.


This reflection on self, depersonalization and derealization is a response to the first of 30 #LinkYourLife prompts. Find the 30 Day #LinkYourLife Challenge here 


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  1. Absolutely beautiful in its own tragedy, these words resonate xxx

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