#LinkYourLife Blog Review: The Grand Bargain by Jackson Brown

I went to graduate school at Indiana University with writer and artist Jackson Brown. I remember reading his stories and wondering what the hell I was doing in an MFA program. His work was and is phenomenal. In fact, many of the writers I had the pleasure of writing with have since won awards or settled themselves into promising writing careers. I buy their books, read their blogs and wonder why I’ve stopped writing fiction. The answer to that is a story for another day.

Art by and from Jackson Brown.

I lost track of Jackson’s writing for awhile which is a damn shame. Reading Jackson is addictive. His online comics are pointed race commentaries that challenge and politically motivate. His work is smart and you won’t regret reading it. In fact, I have a dream of running an original comic in Open Thought Vortex because his work opens its own thought vortex. (Jackson, if you’re reading this, let’s connect!)

If you haven’t read Jackson, here’s your chance. Link hop over to The Grand Bargain now and take a look at his latest.

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  1. Shawna, thanks for this glowing review! It’s always a pleasure to read your work, as well. Yes, let’s connect about the possibility of creating a comic for OTV! I’ll email you.

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