Haha. Laura stole the award for best comment. I think it’s …

Comment on In Which I Am Told How to Parent My Son By Anonymous Commenters by Raymond Baxter.

Haha. Laura stole the award for best comment.

I think it’s more base than that. In an ego-centric world, I just think some people like the sound of their own voice. It drowns out all the wrongs in their lives that makes them feel bad.

And by judging you, it makes them feel better about themselves.

I’m always saying people shouldn’t judge – judge only one person. Yourself!!

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Healing My Story: Little Girl in the Woods
For me, it’s more-so been effective writing about a direct account of my trauma. Like this is what happened, now I’ll give you it in all its glorious detail.

Life Unplugged Can Mean Life Unhinged
Great thoughts. I think I’ll be doing something similar to this, this summer. If I can afford it.

I want to take Alex out like I used to! Not him on Xbox and me working here. And Nats getting frustrated at both of us!!

Learning to Say No
Exactly right! A hard lesson I had to learn also. Too often were my boundaries non-existent and my life laid bare for others to trample on. Saying “no” to me was absolute. I’ve never liked absolutes. I still don’t, only when discussing friendships or relationships. That’s the only absolutes I have.

Yet saying “no” I have learned through life is only a stop-gap whilst I collect myself to have the power to go on. Like you say.

Lovely post 😀

Reading Triggers, Mental Illness and (ugh) Amanda Lauren
So true, Shawna! I would love to see more people joining us!! 🙂

Reading Triggers, Mental Illness and (ugh) Amanda Lauren
What a beautiful piece of writing. And I agree. I’d have never ever written that I was raped if I hadn’t read other awesome and very real articles from that group. And to revisit my turmoil and put it to screen was so very empowering.

I feel, that despite the progress I have made as a writer since joining your group, and the help I’ve been given has been awesome, but the true progress has been one of the mind. I feel I stand taller and more confident now than I have ever done. And that is the true worth of the experience.

Stay awesome my friend 🙂


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