What excuse do we have for having Trump on the …

Comment on In Which I Am Told How to Parent My Son By Anonymous Commenters by Shareen Mansfield.

What excuse do we have for having Trump on the ballot ? What excuse for Bush? What excuse for loving our guns more than people. What excuse do we have for loving reality stars who love posh lives & fly to Paris for Cake while many starve & are homeless here. You are there. Present with your children doing what you can under the most difficult situations? Haters can hate but Karma is Biaaaaaatch isn’t true. They are. Feel free to moderate my comment. I love those children & I’ll tell you my no autistic , gifted, brilliant son could make the pope cuss & blashphsme giving your equally if not possibly more amazing son a run for his money when he has a tantrum. Sing it with me using Popeyes song-my son Is a bit of (insert words that rhyme with Ick) but look at the money he didn’t save!
My son not yours. Direct those people to my nrarest bathroom. That’s where the emsisis they spew belongs.

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