Dear anonymous commenter: You are so right, children with behavioral …

Comment on In Which I Am Told How to Parent My Son By Anonymous Commenters by Laura McGowan.

Dear anonymous commenter:

You are so right, children with behavioral problems should NEVER leave the house. Ever, just keep them in a bubble, they will never ever learn how to become functioning adults.

To be honest, kids bug me, normal kids, kids with behavior problems, all of em.

Kids dancing around, acting like dogs or little crabs (my kid walked sideways all the time, we laughed) are annoying.

Hey, let’s get rid of kids altogether!!! What a great idea, maybe we can build underground communities and just keep all children in them so no one has to see a child ever again.

Or, try doing what I do, ignore them. Children have a right to be here. I’m sorry that a child making some noise is ruining your coffee date.

Compassion, it’s in you to give.

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