God! I wish you were my Mother xxxx I am high …

Comment on Opting Out of Autism: The Way is Shut by Charlotte Farhan.

God! I wish you were my Mother xxxx
I am high functioning on the spectrum and you just validated me!
Thank you for proving to me that it is not my fault I was born in the time I was and had the parents I had.
This is an amazing piece and I shall be sharing it far and wide xxxx

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Hot Lava
Absolutely beautiful in its own tragedy, these words resonate xxx

Reading Triggers, Mental Illness and (ugh) Amanda Lauren
Amazing and important piece as always! Thank you for all that you do. You are such an inspiration and your empathy and compassion from your own experiences helps to heal so many xxx

A Gift for Mothers and Others
Happy Mothers Day darling,

This was lovely to read xxx

As someone who has never had loving caring parents it is so amazing to see how it exists in the world.
You gave us such an amazing gift this year, so did Noah and Appa, you gave us hope, options and you have personally given me so much support in just believing in me.

I wish so much that I lived near you to get some of your amazing skills with regards to trauma writing, I would love to sponsor someone to get this instead of me, I shall arrange to this next month.

Lots of love and thank you for your positive energy xxxxx

And the Grand Total Comes To . . .
Wow!!! How awesome is that! xxxxx

Birthday Giveaway: #LinkYourLife Turns One and You Get the Gift
Happy Birthday guys!! xxx I wish I could take part in this but have too much on right now. But will write a post anyway to let my followers know how important LinkYourLife is to me xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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