My son, our experience – to a tee except he …

Comment on Opting Out of Autism: The Way is Shut by Lauren.

My son, our experience – to a tee except he does hand flap. Another challenge I have felt is that it took 5 years to get a diagnosis. 5 years of the wrong therapy, school environment, my treatment of him – I was made to believe he could control his behaviors. The ADOS assessment is terrible – it uses generalized characteristics of autism that are not always the case. I saw a cartoon the other day that summed it up perfectly – the spectrum is not linear with LFA on one end and HFA on the other. In fact, the term HFA and LFA is harmful. The spectrum is like a color wheel where ability to speak (and speak very well) does not mean that the individual is not struggling immensely in other areas. It does not mean that they can just “buck up”. Then add the fact that there are so few services for kids like ours, especially ones that focus on their capabilities and not behaviors. I hear you, Shawna.


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