Thank you for writing this. My son has traumatic brain …

Comment on Opting Out of Autism: The Way is Shut by Steve.

Thank you for writing this. My son has traumatic brain injury, not autism. But the behaviors and struggles you lay out here, while not exactly the same, are very familiar. I’ve been struggling with the whole balance recently of what is supportive vs. what is enabling. I appreciate your thoughts. It is good to not feel alone. Last week we ate dinner at a pizza shop and my son was very wound up. Thankfully we were the only ones in the restaurant, but he was not well behaved (running around, being very loud, etc.). As I was trying to corral him he got angry because he said the people behind the counter were staring at him. I tried to explain that his behavior warranted them wanting to keep an eye on their restaurant. After we left I went back in and apologized to the lady who served our food saying “I want to apologize for my son’s behavior. He has some mental health issues and he’s having a rough day.” She said “oh, no problem. My boyfriend’s son is on the autism spectrum and some days kids just have a rough day.” My embarrassment lifted. It’s good not to feel alone.


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