And the Grand Total Comes To . . .

We did it! (1)

The Four Paws for Noah Writing Competitions were a labor of love by many. Hosts, judges and many others invested time and money into seeing this competition be a success. I am deeply grateful for the level of compassion offered to my family. Writing competitions are time-consuming to run, publicize and judge. The donations made in those areas are incalculable.

However, you need a number and I have one I would love to share. The Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Contest and the Able in This Diverse Universe Essay Competition raised a total of $725 for Noah’s GoFundMe. I will reflect that number there today. When you add in prizes donated back to Noah (thank you Sean Mahoney and Anne Penniston Grunsted), the total comes to an even $800.


This total reflects the cost of running the competition on Submittable as well as private donations made to cover prizes and fees. THANK YOU. Genuinely, I thank you. We were teetering for awhile on this competition being a total loss, but writers rallied, friends publicized and donors appeared to lift us up.

Finally, the winner of the Write2theEnd Summer 2016 Workshop is Elizabeth Given. Congratulations Elizabeth! 

Thank you again for making this fundraiser a success. You must know you are wonderful people. 


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  1. Charlotte Farhan says:

    Wow!!! How awesome is that! xxxxx

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  2. Elizabeth Given says:

    Unless there’s another Elizabeth Given, I think I won the summer workshop! However, I’m currently living in Australia (can’t complain) and most likely won’t be able to make it…so fantastic you’ve had such a wonderful response…and all the awareness your bringing by your openness and candor. Best wishes, and congrats on obtaining such a wonderful dog for your son, a true gift!

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