So the message I’m taking from this is: You’re priceless. …

Comment on New Pricing for Memorial Day Retreats Body, Heart on the Page by Drew Sheldon.

So the message I’m taking from this is: You’re priceless. I agree. I’m not sure if I can make it, but it has brought me some inspiration. So one way or another, I’ll be sending a little money your way.

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Forged in Fire
I hope you keep letting go. It is such an inspiration to me.

How to Discover Your Best Tool for Artistic Recovery
I need to figure out some relief objects. I’ve had some in the past without naming them so but nothing at the moment. Thank you.

What’s Your Problem With My Gluten-Free Diet?
I hear similar crap when I refuse to eat something made with alcohol. I always hear the refrain, “Well, the alcohol gets cooked off.” But what if it wasn’t? And why can’t I just make my own choice? Whether a little gluten will hurt you or not is not something I would really know and certainly not for me to decide. So keep doing you. To hell with these fools.

Welcome to the Indiana Bigotry Parade!
Wow. Tell Shawna I want more Melanie.

Confessions of an Almost-Abuser
I’ve been this. I know people like this who lack your self-awareness. I’m sharing this. Thank you for your courage in sharing it.


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