Service Dogs, Odds and Endings

Appa "dancing" with Noah.

Appa “dancing” with Noah.

The Four Paws for Noah writing competitions have ended. I’m very happy to share that we did come out ahead with these. My family is excessively grateful to those who have donated time, money and energy to these fundraisers. I’ll have a total raised once prizes have been awarded. I’m squeeing over the fact that I get to give out prizes. Gifting is in my Top Two, just after breakfast buffets.

For me, fundraising doesn’t end here. We still have a year of $500 monthly payments ahead of us along with any veterinary care and so on Appa may need. There is also a monthly travel expense as Noah and I work with Appa’s trainer on how to handle him properly. That begins Saturday.

Appa has been an intervention. He is incredible. I am actually devastated to return him to training, but given the manner in which he has transformed our household after basic training, I am more than willing to wait for him to return to us as his best working self.

I will write in-depth about the benefits we’ve seen in the last few weeks. That is for another time. Now I have an obscene pile of kid laundry to separate into “too small” and “just right” piles. I have to reclaim my home. Spring has already knocked twice on the windows. It’s time to push the clutter of Winter out of our nest and stretch our necks toward the sun.

Shawna Ayoub

Shawna Ayoub is an essayist, fiction writer, poet and instructor with an MFA in creative writing from Indiana University. Some of her work has been published in The Manifest-Station, Role Reboot, [wherever], The Huffington Post, The Oxford Review and Exit 7. Her writing explores the intersections of race, place and survivorship. She writes with honesty about her own experience in order to transform pain.

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    I am so glad your fundraising went well!! Good luck reclaiming your house 🙂

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