Why is The Honeyed Quill So Quiet?

Great question! The Honeyed Quill is undergoing some changes in hosting and design. While that’s underway, I have taken on a bit of extra work to raise money for the rest of Appa’s training. I am also now mothering four babies (if you count the fur baby) instead of three. THQ isn’t the only part of my life that’s ch-ch-ch-changin’!

I will still be posting at least once a week. How else will I remind you to SUBMIT PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE to the Four Paws for Noah Writing Competitions? In just three days Appa has improved our lives substantially, and he’s not even fully trained!

Every submission supports our family by offsetting the costs of his training (we still need $4000 for that alone) and continued care (veterinary, food, travel related to training and certification and so on). There are also amazing PRIZES attached to these competitions. Go and take a look!

If you are missing me, find me on Fridays on Facebook and Twitter for #LinkYourLife and #LinkYourCompassion. I’m @shawnamawna. I’ll see you there!



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  1. You are so amazing! I don’t even have half of that happening and twice a month is all I can manage to post.

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  2. I know. I just wanted to say ME!ME!ME!

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