My husband found this the other night. He asked me …

Comment on An Open Letter to My Friends and Family: I Am Surviving by Shannon.

My husband found this the other night. He asked me if any of this was true for me, because if bits of this were true it would make him very sad. So I read it, with him sitting there, and immediately found so much of it to be true. I was literally sobbing by the time I reached the end. He said he hopped the seeing this would help him be more sympathetic. I have a lovely life, and always have, and yet I have always doubted my relationships (except with my husband and father). I never felt I could be a truly loving, nurturing mother – and though my daughter loves me and appreciates me, she is very tuned into this struggle. I always felt most other people had a much better grip on friendship than me. Though I do have lovely friends who rally round me when they think I am in need. I’m not afraid of ‘things’ but I am afraid that I do not know how to be me. It’s interesting because I’m just now seeking a bit of professional help, not so much because I feel crazy, but because I hope to find a steadier way forward. And yes, I’ve found myself frustrated and in tears, because a few of these people are so convinced I just need to find better strategies, when I know my life is as good as it is because I have exhausted clever ‘strategies’ to get me where I am. This article was a godsend – just because it is so amazing to know that there are ‘others’ with the same experience.


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