There are no magic words that lift us out of …

Comment on Writing My Scars by Russell J. Fellows.

There are no magic words that lift us out of the dark places. However, I just want to say that I am one that has appreciated what I read on your page from time to time. I don’t check in all that often, but I do appreciate your posts. I don’t have the same experiences as you. Not nearly the same. However, there are days that are very dark and I can’t see the sun. On those days, the only thing that helps me is to think we’re all created in God’s image. I know many don’t believe that. That’s OK. It helps me. It lifts me up just enough to then be able to reach for the sky. Could help others to think it, too. 🙂

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America, Why Did You Choose Fear?
We can overcome this, we will overcome this. Fear and hate won this fight, but love and truth and hope will win in the end.

My Body, My Host: How I Have Hated You
Self-love is a hard place to reach, but a freeing path to walk. Blessings as you continue to walk that path.

Toom (Garlic Sauce)
Raw garlic is so great for so many things – lots of excuses to try it. 🙂

Toom (Garlic Sauce)
This sounds delicious. Will have to try it some time.

In Case of Fire (for Donald Trump)
I keep waiting for everyone to wake up from this Trump night terror, but I’m reminded time and again that the entity called the crowd (or majority, etc.) feeds on fear and misinformation. It’s dangerous. Even evil. I do believe that we will come to our senses about Trump – I hope – but it won’t be the end of the ideas his spewing. One day there will be an end, but not soon enough.


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