I know how that feels. …

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I know how that feels.

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Why I’m Not at Peace with Memorial Day
Call me naive, but I believe in a world without war. Humans can shift consciousness to peace and love. It can happen within a generation.
This is a beautiful post that I’m sure will reflect the sentiments of many.

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That video is hilarious. Thanks for sharing.

Ragged Edges
I love this. I can feel it on my insides.

How to Stay Connected While Writing Your Trauma
Sometimes I say simple things like:
just be,
let it go, or
you are enough.
Usually, I don’t use words though. I concentrate on my heart space and feel the light and warmth there. I can feel higher power there, and when I go there I am immediately reminded why I am here and what I have been called to do.
The most powerful realization I had in my healing process has been that I am not my story, my past is JUST a story, and that memories have the same power as dreams, so I can choose and pick what stories I identify with.

May 8 #LinkYourLife Roundup
Nice list! So many great posts and bloggers.

May 1 #LinkYourLife Roundup
I too wish you a quick return to health.

I have a feeling #LinkYourLife will go big soon.


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