You know Shawna, the more I read the “why” and …

Comment on May 15 #LinkYourLife Roundup (and #WeekendCoffeeShare) by wccunningham.

You know Shawna, the more I read the “why” and your thoughts behind this idea, the more brilliant I think it is. A heartfelt thank you from me 🙂

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Learning to Ask for Help
This is a wonderful idea and from what I’ve read in the past, successful therapy.

20 Ways 9/11 Changed My Life as an American Muslim
I wanted to comment on this last week and for a minute thought “great, this is going to get me on some watch list” (and yes I watch too many conspiracy shows). Thought provoking post though and thank you for sharing. I can’t imagine going through that.

M’dardara (Lentils with Rice)
This sounds amazing!


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