Looks good! I’ll keep an eye on this. Regards, …

Comment on The Docks: Episode 1 by Feidor S. LaView.

Looks good! I’ll keep an eye on this.


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The Docks: Episode 13
This scene… Lovely! Brilliant character construction. More of this!

The Docks: Episode 12
Elric had a hard time but he finally did it! Let’s see whether Helene can open her mind.

This is a very nice and atmospheric scene. Love the feeling that there’s a vast outer world surrounding all these people.

My reading list
Then Twitter is of some use actually :-))

Success, Failure and New Year’s Resolutions
Creating something that eventually won’t become a complete project it is a far common practice. I know, I’ve been there too… and can’t say for sure that I won’t be there again!

To be satisfied with what you do is a nice goal, and honest. I wish you that you reach it many times this year, as I expect to read more of The Docks! 😀


Storyteller’s Chai
Storytellers Chai —the flavor of friendship! Looks good, I’ll try it next Saturday (Saturday is for chai at home)


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