Wonderful piece. I have experienced this many times, especially from …

Comment on Trauma Trumping by Heidi.

Wonderful piece. I have experienced this many times, especially from my own mother. When we don’t allow others to process their pain, we are also affecting our own progress. I believe it is a control issue…and Keanu knows, most of us with that kind of trauma experience…control issues. 🙂

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The Ways You Have Failed Me
What a beautiful, painful piece. I feel every syllable here. The abuse, while different, echoes so achingly of our family’s unfortunate legacy. This is my favorite bit: “Words and actions, once performed, belong to those who receive them. We are no longer free to edit and shape. We must accept, reflect and hope.” Such a powerful reminder and a philosophy I have tried to live by, successfully or not as each moment determines.

Redefining Faith
I love it. Such beautiful wisdom, truly out of the mouths of babes. 😉 They have such a beautiful, unencumbered way of getting to the heart of the matter. We humans need our stories and the Bible is full of them. I have no problem keeping a bible on the shelf next to all my other story books, but never again will I allow it to define how I act…or what kind of behavior I accept from others.

Love it. It gives me a sense of Gwendolyn Brooks meets ee cummings!

Confessions of an Almost-Abuser
<3 I feel so happy to reconnect with you as an adult and look forward to reading more!!!

Confessions of an Almost-Abuser
Whoa. So powerful.

I, too, have to be careful about triggering my ptsd but luckily my most physical abuses involved guns so I don’t think I react the same way. I only got therapy for a few months till I lost our good health coverage…something else that our society needs to address. My deductible is so high I can’t afford the mental health care that I need to resolve my childhood trauma. 🙁

I think this post was even braver than the first and I applaud you for writing it, and for doing the work it takes to be more than just a survivor…to also be a functioning, loving human being and steward of your three bright stars.


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