by Thomas Ives A Note from Shawna: I asked Thomas Ives, #ShareInspireConquer pioneer and inspirational blogger at Bestowing Fire, if he would please contribute some writing to my site. Thomas is an incredible individual whose goal in life you will find below. He reaches my heart with all of his work. He is supportive beyond the page. He is yet another wonderful person I’ve connected with through #LinkYourLife and I couldn’t be more grateful. I am so glad to know him and delighted to share his voice on The Honeyed


I’ve been reading The Good Men Project for awhile. The content there is educational and interesting. Recently, Sarah Fader came on as an editor. She and I had a couple of discussions about how I could contribute. We decided my first piece should be a revisitation of the work I wrote for Straight White Man Seeks Knowledge. It’s always frightening to write about race and violence for me, but I trust Sarah. She’s a way paver for those of us trying to deconstruct the boxes we’ve been placed in through

I drafted this with the horror of the election season in mind, but then came #PulseOrlando. I want to expand my thoughts to cover my love of the LGBTQIA community and my intersectionality with the Arab and Muslim communities. I can’t find the energy. I don’t know how. So I am leaving this note to say those inclusions should be here in a much larger way, but for now, this is what I’m capable of sharing. This and love. Love is love is love. I believe hate comes from fear,

I’ve talked about relief objects and projects a little bit before. If you’d like to read what I wrote, go here. This video explores ways you can find an object that will grant you the greatest release. I hope you enjoy the video. Bonus points if you leave me a comment. Double bonus points if you hear where I did a word swap. Do you have a relief object? Take a few seconds to tell me what it is and why it works for you below!

Telling people how to parent seems to have gone viral since the tragic loss of Harambe the Gorilla. The internet wars have begun, and if you are a mother the odds are never in your favor. In America, the language is stacked against women when it comes to responsibility. Mothers are far more judged than men, our every move micro-assessed when our actions don’t line up with the expectations for the perfect parent. We not only need to keep our kids safe, we need to keep them busy, intellectually stimulated,

A note from Shawna: I was chatting with Raymond Baxter, The Relationship Blogger, on Facebook when he began sharing the aspects of #LinkYourLife he most enjoys. He told me he has run support groups and that our Facebook group was what a support group was meant to be. That had me excited because the whole goal of #LinkYourLife from day one has been to connect on deeper levels, to support and raise each other by truly getting to know one another beyond the blog, beyond Tweets, and beyond Facebook shares. I

There is a lot of judgment out there against those of us who have gluten-free diets. I’m not sure why. If your kid is allergic to peanuts, do you feed her peanuts? I’m gonna guess not. Okay, I do know why. It’s an accommodation issue. When something is new or unexpected or foreign, it’s scary. There is a LOT I could say about accommodation, but not right now. This is going to be relatively brief. I get it. It’s easier to serve kids crackers and cookies than carrot sticks. If I

After reading an article by another autism mama on whether she was spoiling her child versus accommodating his special needs, I sat down to cry. Here was a woman writing into my life, articulating her parallel parenting existence. And she was receiving positive feedback on her parenting! Imagine my surprise to discover we share not only the same struggles, but the same first name with the same spelling? When validation comes, it is unexpected. When it comes from a woman with my own name, it’s a sign. At least, I’m going to choose to interpret

#LinkYourLife has just passed it’s one year birthday and our hashtag community is thriving. Thanks to Shareen‘s warm and fuzzy recruitment tactics, Fridays are hopping both on Twitter and Facebook. #LinkYourLife has spun off in many directions beginning with first Fridays of the month when we tag with #LinkYourCompassion. There are the #LinkYourLife #lovequotes many of us have been creating and sharing as a way to appreciate the people we read through #LinkYourLife. We have worked to incorporate others’ tags  (such as the awesome #ShareInspireConquer from @BestowingFire) and promote all

A couple of weeks ago, Shareen and I launched #LinkYourLife #lovequotes. What blows my mind about this is that other #Lifers jumped on the bandwagon and started sharing quotes they love. Anyone can do this. Just read #LinkYourLife tagged posts. When you find a line you love, pull a quote, put it on an image and add #LinkYourLife #lovequotes. Here are a few of the quotes floating around. Feel free to grab the images and share pass them on.   I’ve shifted toward making the quotes sized for Pinterest. If

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